“A Field of Dreams”


"May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the warm sun shine on your face.
May the soft rain fall on your fields."
"And until we meet again my friend,
may God hold you in the palm of his hands. "


Twenty Five Years Service by Our President

Bob Satow

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Today was a very special day for our club president, Bob Satow, and for the club in general.  At the end of the club meeting, the club presented Bob with a plaque which included two pictures.  The top picture was a paver that was purchased by the club to be included in the construction of the Legacy Walk located at the Triple Tree Aerodrome facility in Woodruff, SC.  It is the venue for the R/C event called the Joe Nall.  The second is the picture of the Legacy Walk where Bob's paver is included.

Bob was also presented with another paver to be included at the AMA headquarters facility in Muncie, IN.  This presentation was given by our AMA District IV Vice President - Jay Marsh.  It will be a part of the Walk of Fame.  Both presentations were for the support and dedication Bob has given to our club for the past 25 years.  Please see the pictures of the paver that was presented to Bob by our club (pictures attached.)

If anyone took pictures at the meeting today, please send a couple of the best pictures to Jay Marsh.  He has mentioned that he would like to include a couple of pictures in the AMA Model Aviation magazine.

Thanks to all who helped make the flying field look spectacular today.  It was a team effort.

The next time you see Bob, please congratulate him.

John Harrison

Jay Marsh email available to members from John Harrison



Congratulations to Bob Satow

The best R/C Flying Field in NC is now named:

R.G. Satow – RC Flying Field

Our President (Bob Satow) received a “District
Service Award” from the AMA. Only 3 such awards
are given out district-wide yearly. (5 states)

Congratulations Bob and well-deserved!



On the eve of Family Day 2019, when asked just what it is we are doing here.
Bob responded;

I will tell you exactly what we are doing here.  We started by satisfying a long seated urge to learn about airplanes and everything connected to them.  But after we learned about flying our models we really got hooked and wanted to learn to fly all kinds of planes and maneuvers.  In doing so we talked about doing these things with other club members and without realizing it we made many new friends.  Friends want to share their joys so here we are doing exactly that.

                                                    Bob Satow
                                                     August 16, 2019


Bob's Memorial
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        Pictures by John Bailey

Bob's Last Flight

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