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 For visitors to our website the information contained within these pages have been generously supplied by our TAI club members. Some pages, like the “Build of the Month (BOTM) Series”, are meant to help others who are trying to get started building their own Radio Controlled (RC) model planes. Some of the pages are here to display the work and techniques that can be used in building and/or repairing planes. Other pages are here just for the pleasure of looking at RC model airplanes.

 If you are not an active builder, and you want to be, the people on these pages would be a great place to start. We don’t have work from everyone yet but Tom, Danny, Mark, Rob, David, Fred, and Doc are just a few of the many TAI builders that we know from experience would be happy to help anyone get started. We also have our ‘TECH Page’ which has information and links to websites where more building information can be found.

 If anyone has a question, or would like information about building or learning to fly please contact us at TAI. If you are a visitor to our site and you have questions for one of the members please put their name, your information and the question in an email to TAI.  We’ll see that it goes to the right person and that you get an answer.


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