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 President: Mark Fansler
 Vice President: Fred Towler
 Secretary: Rob Watson
 Treasurer: Terry Jordon
   Gary Stewart
   Chuck Spencer
   Richard Lowery
   Mario Russo
 Safety Director: David Holt
 Flypaper Editor: Mark Fansler
 WebMaster: Ricky Cisneros

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Welcome to the Triad AeroModelers Inc. Website. Everyone is welcome to come to R.G. Satow RC Flying Field and watch. If you have a current AMA Membership you should join us for a relaxing day of fun flying. If you don't know how to fly, let us know, we will teach you!


R.G. Satow RC Flying Field is now an APPROVED FRIA FLYING SITE!! This means if you are a member of a community based organization (aka: Academy of Model Aeronautics) your can fly at our field and you DO NOT need a Remote Identification Signal to be transmitted from your RC model planes. You can view the flight boundaries for our field by clicking on this link FRIA.

To see if R.G. Satow RC Flying Field is flooded by Abbotts Creek, click on the image below.


 R.G. Satow RC Flying Field is 7 feet above the Lexington NOAA sensor. Therefore, when the observed water level on the Lexington graph shows 7 feet, the water in Abbotts Creek is level with our flying field.

What's the weather at R.G. Satow RC Flying Field? Just click on the weather widget below to get detailed hourly or daily forecasts.


 If you have not signed up for your weekly AMA Newsletter, just click on the icon above or the link below and find out what is available. Check it out.

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Support your local RC Hobby Shop! For TAI members and other RC modelers in the TRIAD area, we are fortunate to have Matt and his team standing ready to help us with their great RC knowledge and an awesome stock of RC related items. Click on the icon above to find out what Matt has available.

TAI Members at R.G. Satow RC Flying Field

 Several TAI members were at the flying field on 4 Feb 2024. The weather was cool, winds were steady, and the field conditions were wet, but we had several folks flying anyway. The two top pictures are Darrin and Brian with a couple real nice large planes. Both aircraft have 120cc twins for power, and both pilots put on an awesome show.

 All flights were not without any issues. The two bottom pictures show Larry with his latest plane before (left) and after (right) his flight. Sorry Larry, but most of us have been there before. Just the nature of the hobby.

tp1   tp2
tp3   tp4


2024 R.G. Satow RC Flying Field Maintenance Schedule

 We now have a Flying Field Maintenance Volunteer Incentive Program for 2024. There will be a Bi-annual $50 Anderson RC gift certificate drawing made at our June TAI Club Meeting and Dec Christmas Party. To qualify for the drawings, you must have volunteered and performed required field maintenance at least two (2) times during the previous six (6) month period. The R.G. Satow RC Flying Field "Maintenance Schedule" will be used to verify a members qualification. Gary S. qualifies for each drawing based on his outstanding grass trimming and other maintenance efforts.

 Below is the R.G. Satow RC Flying Field "Maintenance Schedule" for the next eight (8) weeks. Any TAI Club member that wishes to volunteer, please click on the following link to see the latest maintenance schedule as a PDF file, and then email Rob W. with the weeks you wish to volunteer. R.G. Satow RC Flying Field Maintenance Schedule

Date Volunteer
July 1 - 7 Need Volunteer
July 8 - 14 Mark F.
July 15 - 21 Fred T.
July 22 - 28 Need Volunteer
July 29 - August 4 Need Volunteer
August 5 - 11 Mark F.
August 12 - 18 Fred T.
August 19 - 25 Need Volunteer
August 26 - September 1 Rob W. Qualifies for 2nd
September 2 - 8 Need Volunteer
September 9 - 15 Mario R. Qualifies for 2nd
September 16 - 22 Fread T.
September 23 - 29 Need Volunteer
September 30 - October 6 Need Volunteer
October 7 Need Volunteer
October 14 Need Volunteer
October 21 Need Volunteer
October 28 - November 3 Need Volunteer
November 4 - 10 Rob W.
November 11 - 17 Need Volunteer
November 18 - 24 Need Volunteer
November 25 - December 1 Need Volunteer
December 2 - 8 Need Volunteer
December 9 - 15 Need Volunteer
December 16 - 22 Need Volunteer
December 23 - 29 Need Volunteer
December 30 - January 5 Need Volunteer

 For a last minute replacement please call Eric Baker. His phone number is on the TAI roster. For Bob Cat parts manual click here: Bob Cat Parts Manual. For Bob Cat owners manual click here: Bob Cat Owners Manual.


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